Moving On

“Hey, remember, back in high school, when you used to wait for me by the stationery store after dinner every day just so we could talk for ten minutes?” Ashim said. “Yes, and you used to be late most of the time,” Shikshya replied. Ashim and Shikshya had recently decided to end their relationship. Their […]


  I remember a time when it was my sister’s job to bring me home from school. We went to the same school. Her friends used to call me “Aastha’s Brother” and give me candy. I didn’t know their names- they were, Lollipop Didi, Gummy Bear Didi and Marshmallow Didi to me. It’s funny how […]


The alarm goes off. But I don’t want to wake up yet. I go back to sleep. “It’s already five! You’re definitely going to be late today.”, I hear my sister. Five? Wasn’t it like four-thirty seconds ago? I reluctantly wake up and jump to shower. The water is so cold that it feels like […]


He gets off the Green Line at Kenmore. As he climbs the stairs up Commonwealth Avenue, he wonders what Inbound and Outbound means. He’s been meaning to google that since he first noticed them this September. He takes his navy blue glove off his right hand to google. Nope, too cold- will do it later. […]

Bhai Tika Ma Bhetna Aaunla

The following was written in the evening of my sister Nisha’s wedding. I remember reading in a John Harricharan book, “Though our beginnings may end and our endings begin again, we’ll forever be journeying in the fields of forever.” Certainly not an end, but waiving you goodbye and wishing you good luck for a great life ahead, I […]